TAN Foundation

TAN Foundation was founded in September, 2001 by David and Michelle Broodryk.  TAN is an acronym for 'Transform A Nation'.  Since 2001 TAN Foundation has been serving the people of South Africa through multiple projects and initiatives aimed at bringing healing to the nation.

The Challenge

South Africa is both rife with challenge and rich with opportunities.  We focus on the opportunities for personal and cultural transformation by addressing 5 primary areas of pain:

  • Racism, tribalism and xenophobia
  • Economic hopelessness
  • Lack of leadership integrity
  • Personal safety, health & mental well-being
  • Family and relational breakdown

Our Response 

These challenges are duanting and often very sensitive.  Our approach is to first create environments of trust that are condusive to approaching these topics.  We help communities to find healing and acheive cultural transformation by addressing them through:

  • Education
  • Media
  • Sport
  • Arts & culture
  • Recreation


TAN Foundation a non-profit charitable organization registered as a Public Benefit Organization in South Africa (P.B.O. 130001723).  In 2016, we adopted the tree of life as a symbol of our vision to see healing and transformation across the nation of South Africa.