Wilson sees the light

Wilson has seen the light

Wilson lives a simple life by making Zulu huts for income. Every day he wakes up, goes out to cut grass, dries the grass in the sun and spends the remainder of his day weaving his huts. But for Wilson, life was not always this simple.

For many years, Wilson battled with a deep-seated anger that made him a violent man. He would walk around the community with a stick in his hand like a mad man, beating anyone who dared come close to him.  It was only a matter of time before this landed him in prison. For years, Wilson’s life wasted away, bearing the consequences of his anger.

After he was released from prison, Wilson returned home to discover a church in his house.  During his prison years, one of our workers had started a new church with Wilson’s family. Wilson’s anger had not left him. He continued to walk the streets beating people and starting fights.  But he also joined the church and slowly he came to discover and experience the love of Christ. Today, Wilson is a changed man.

In Wilson’s words, “I used to beat people with a knopkerrie. But that is over.  Now, I am free!”

Wilson, the man who used to carry a stick to beat people is still well known in the community.
But today he is known for carrying a Bible.  And he shares Christ with everyone he meets.