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Lora Dream Camps

by Elta Lubbe

Lora Dream Camps recently celebrated their 10th birthday. They work with school chiildren and two of our Accelerate trainers have been involved with Lora for a few years. Santie Schoeman, the founder of Lora, trains young leaders who help train Grade 6 pupils of a primary school in Olievenhoutbosch, a township south of Pretoria.

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Bicycle taxi's

Disciple Making Movements are progressing well in Malawi, with new churches regularly being planted. The leaders that are emerging are amazingly dedicated and focused.

There leaders have overcome tremendous challenges. They walk and travel long distances to plant new churches in new villages.

However, they also face big challenges in their personal and family lives. Many of these men are unable to provide efficiently for their families. Despite this, they continue the tireless work of taking the Good News of the Gospel to new regions.

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Y2Y (Youth to Youth)

by Elta Lubbe

On 6 & 7 May 2016, the first Y2Y (Youth to Youth) event was hosted by the Centurion Expressions Gathering. Teams from all across Gauteng were invited. The "A-Team” from Atteridgeville, the Soshanguwe team, KLC and Centurion Expressions came, as well as young leaders from Lora Youth, and the Young Minds Free. As far as Tembisa and Daveyton they joined in the fun.

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95 year old woman

By David Broodryk

Every day I am confronted with excuses for not making disciples. “I am too busy, I am intimidated, I don’t know where to begin...” These excuses do not only come from others.  They seem to spontaneously arise in my own mind.  I can find very creative ways to avoid the most basic command of Christ to make disciples.

That is why I am deeply convicted and confronted by people like this 95 year old lady.  She was so weak she could hardly stand on her own when I went to see her.  Yet she kept repeating, “praise God, glory to God” over and over again.  I felt confronted with my own apathy – my selfish and lukewarm approach to my faith.

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The "A-Team"

By Pheto Ratua

A normal business day in South African townships starts at 4am. Taxi ranks, train stations and other public transportation are already in a hustle and bustle. Some going into work, others 2 hours away from knocking off - the story of a people fighting to survive.

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Wilson sees the light!

Wilson lives a simple life by making Zulu huts for income.  Every day he wakes up, goes out to cut grass, dries the grass in the sun and spends the remainder of his day weaving his huts.  But for Wilson, life was not always this simple.

For many years, Wilson battled with a deep-seated anger that made him a violent man.  He would walk around the community with a stick in his hand like a mad man, beating anyone who dared come close to him.  It was only a matter of time before this landed him in prison.  For years, Wilson’s life wasted away, bearing the consequences of his anger.

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A drug addict discovers a way out

By Elta Lubbe, Centurion

If you live in Pretoria, you may have driven past him quite a few times. Maybe you stopped and pushed a few rand into his hands, maybe you looked the other way, maybe you silently judged him for being “one of those people that society can do without.”  I know, for I have been there. I looked away. I judged. And then God changed my heart.

One day, as I found myself in a Bible Study focused on discovering God’s will and obeying His voice, God directed me to becoming involved in a “halfway house” for young men struggling with addictions. That is where I met Steven (not his real name).

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