Guiding Principles

  • We are followers of Jesus
    We follow the most influential Person in history – Jesus Christ. He modelled ultimate generosity and love. This motivates us to love and serve others. Scripture is our guiding and final authority in everything we do.

  • We inspire people to become agents of change
    Positive change does not come through new laws or extrinsic motivation. We work to inspire change through changed hearts and minds. Transformed people transform society.

  • We are catalytic
    Our influence is intentionally “behind the scenes” and often invisible. We champion ordinary people - our heroes are the people.

  • We leverage resources
    We seek to make the highest impact at the point of greatest leverage in order to maximize available resources.

  • We build partnerships
    We build partnerships and influence multiple organizations, creating resilience by avoiding dependence on any one organization.

  • We share ideas freely
    We give away everything. Our resources hold no copyright. We encourage adaptation and innovation at every level.

  • We empower others
    We coach and mentor others to success. Our highest goal is the success of others in a way that does not create dependence on us.

  • We build, function and invest in teams
    We believe in team – together accomplishing more than any individual.

  • We create environments for self-discovery
    People learn best when they discover truth for themselves. Our training is based on personal and group discovery.

  • We work through ordinary people
    We believe that ordinary (unpaid and unlikely) people working together in teams bring the greatest positive change to society.

  • We continually incubate and innovate
    We cultivate a culture of constant improvement, change and innovation.

  • We build for movements of multiplication
    We work towards methodologies of multiplication at every level. Everything we do carries a DNA of replication. Every leader and every worker is equipped and encouraged to raise new workers and leaders.