TAN Foundation was founded in September, 2001 by David and Michelle Broodryk. The Foundation has been serving the people of South Africa through multiple projects and initiatives aimed at bringing healing to the nation of South Africa.

Along with some faithful members of David and Michelle's church in Midrand, people like Volker, Hettie and Elta, the vision of movements of the Gospel were pursued. David Watson became a mentor to David Broodryk and put tools in his hand to train more than 30 000 Christians in Disciple Making Movement (DMM) principles in the years that followed. David travelled the length and width of South Africa to train and launch DMM's. A lot of international travel followed, and David trained and mentored even more churches and missions organizations across the globe.

During 2013 and 2014, David led a global think-tank on catalysing self-replicating movements in cities. He set up strategic initiatives on several continents to wrestle with the question, “What would it take to reach the cities of the world?” The result has been the emergence of Accelerate.

Beginning in South Africa, David began to assemble a team of mentors for urban movements. In 2014, he launched a new movement for his own city, starting in his own home. During 2015 and 2016, the teams began to grow and expand into Gauteng – a metropolis of 15 million people. This new work is in the process of becoming a model for urban movements globally.

Prominent donor organizations, churches and missions organizations joined in the Accelerate initiative and teams of Accelerate trainers are training urban DMM principles and the movement cycle concept to a global audience today.

By God's grace and by being obedient followers of Christ, we will see even more communities across the globe experience the healing and wholeness that only the Good News of Christ brings.