Board of Directors

Executive Director:
David Broodryk

Board members:
Tebogo Ramatsui

Johan Visser
Lourens de Klerk
Gibo Gerber

TAN Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization registered as a Public Benefit Organization in South Africa (P.B.O. 130001723)


TAN Foundation's structure consists of various highly mobile and adaptable teams.

We build, function and invest in teams - we believe in team. Together we accomplish more than any individual ever can. We believe that ordinary people working together in teams bring the greatest positive change to society. Through this synergy God will get the glory and not the individual.

Our influence is intentionally “behind the scenes” and often invisible. We serve from a posture of humility. We catalyze change and empower others. We coach and mentor others to success. Our highest goal is the success of others in a way that does not create dependence on us.

Our heroes are the people. We celebrate their stories.